As of April 2011 Securify is now part of PwC NZ. Read the press release HERE

Further information on PwCs security services can be found through THIS LINK

Our basic rule is that we 'stick to our knitting' and only offer services in our sphere of expertise - we won't provide you with a re-sprayed generalist. This helps to ensure that the advice you receive is accurate and based on current industry best practice.

Our core services include:

  • Security architecture and design services including management of project implementation and specifications
  • Technical IT project and programme risk management
  • Authentication/Authorisation and Audit strategy
  • Identity Management services covering specification and requirements analysis
  • Security management, compliance and process reviews
  • Development and facilitation of layered security frameworks
  • IT security policy development assistance and project facilitation
  • IT review services to support IT risk management programs and audit
  • IT review plans, technical risk management and security plan reviews
  • Independent IT risk management and security advice
  • Security principles and guidelines development

Contact Details

Colin Slater, Partner, Security & technology


p: 04 462 7244


m: 021 190 1112



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